M.D.M.A Dissanayake
Deputy Principals
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A.V.N.P.R Weerasinghe

Telephone : 081 - 2315176

Email : Wijetungadb@gmail.com

K/D.B Wijethunga National School ,
  Daskara ,
  Muruthagahamula .
J.A Ariyarathne
K/D.B Wijethunga National School
Muruthagahamula , Sri Lanka
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                 D. B. Wijethunga National School is the biggest Sinhala medium National school in the Udunuwara division in the Denuwara Zone. It is one of the leading schools which has produce a lot of scholars who hold respectable positions in numerous fields throughout the country as well as overseas.
D.B Wijethunga National School which has grown into a very big tree spreading its branches in all the directions today was germinated about hundred years ago. Though the exact date on which it was started is unknown, it said that it was started on a certain day around 1905.
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